Your KGRC Summer Swim To-Do List!

Summer swim starts in 42 days, Dolphins…
Spring has sprung, and summer is right around the corner!

Get ready for your summer swim Dolphin fun by checking the following items off of your to-do list:

Register for swim team! Practices begin May 22 for Dolphins, and June 19 for Mini Dolphins.

Purchase your KGRC Swag! Please note, orders for personalized swim caps close on May 5. We cannot accomodate late orders. Place your orders NOW. Ordering for all other items closes May 10. KGRC team swimsuits will be available for purchase onsite at KGRC June 6 and June 14. Suits are also available at Sport Fair in Arlington.

Plan to attend NVSL official training. THIS IS OUR BIGGEST NEED. If you are an experienced swim parent, or if you have multiple swimmers and/or swimmers who frequently participate in our Saturday morning “A” meets, please consider becoming a certified NVSL official (starter, referee, stroke & turn judge).

Save These Dates! Our 2023 Dolphin summer swim schedule is locked and loaded–visit our website for all of the details.

Practice Schedule

Swim team practices for regular Dolphins (NOT Mini Dolphins) will begin Monday, May 22. Our practice schedule will be as follows.

May 22 – June 16, 2023
Practices held Monday – Friday
(No practice on Memorial Day)
4-5pm: Age 13&up
5-6pm: Age 5-9
6-7pm: Age 10-12

Our Mini Dolphins group will begin practices June 19.

June 19 – July 21
Beginning June 19, we will shift to our standard summer schedule, offering both morning and afternoon practices.
The schedule is as follows:

Morning Practices
Held Monday – Friday
7:30-9:00am: 11&up
9-10am: 10&under
10:00: Mini Dolphins

Afternoon Practices
Held Tuesday – Friday
4:30: Mini Dolphins
5-6pm: 11&under
6-7pm: 12&up

Time Trails will be held on Saturday, June 10, 2023. Our first B meet will be on Monday, June 12 at Highlands Swim and Tennis Club, and our A meets begin Saturday, June 17.