Spring Membership Updates

As spring gets into full swing, we are eagerly looking forward to the start of the summer at KGRC. We hope that you share our excitement for the upcoming months of sunshine, fun, and relaxation. Mark your calendars for Opening Day on May 18th!

The KGRC Board has been busy planning and preparing for summer 2024. We are excited to share information with you about the upcoming season, as well as important updates about planning for the future of our pool.

Swim and Dive Team Registration

As we gear up for the 2024 summer season, registration for our swim team and dive teams is already up and running. Our website has more information on practice schedules and links to register for both dive and swim teams.  KGRC teams are a fun and exciting way to meet members, develop swim and dive skills, and have the opportunity to compete against other local teams in a friendly and supportive environment. Please contact swim@kentgardens.org or dive@kentgardens.org with any questions.

American Pool Management and Lifeguard Hiring

For the 2024 season, KGRC has again engaged professional management company, American Pool, to manage the day-to-day operations of the pool, ensuring it is safe, clean and well-maintained at all times. We are excited to build upon the relationships and knowledge gained last year in our first year with American Pool.

As with last year, American Pool will also be responsible for hiri

ng and training our lifeguards. For more information on hiring please visit guardforlife.com or email aprecruit@americanpool.com. We hope that you will join us in welcoming our American Pool team!

Renovation Planning

We have exciting updates to share on the renovation planning process. More information about the history of the pool can be found on our website; briefly, our pool was built in 1957, is beyond its estimated duration of use, 50 years, and is in need of major renovations. Significant renovations have occurred over the years, to both the main pool, the baby pool and the clubhouse, but major systems are in need of replacement to align with updated safety and other requirements, and to continue to provide the safe, comfortable, and fun experience the membership and community have enjoyed for so long.

The renovation planning committee established last winter has been working hard to plan for the future of KGRC. Building on feedback from membership received in last Spring’s membership survey, and as discussed at the November Annual General Meeting, the committee is developing a comprehensive, feasible plan for pool renovation to be presented to the membership this summer. We have engaged a pool design and build firm, NVBlu, to develop the design and planning documents necessary for membership review and County approval, and are working to obtain other services, including a civil engineering firm, to support this process. At this point, we anticipate that a design proposal will be available for membership consideration in mid-to-late summer, and we will circulate a schedule for membership meetings and discussions at a later date.

In terms of timing, we are working toward a schedule of renovations occurring during the offseason between the Summer 2025 and 2026 seasons. More information about cost estimates was shared in the April 28, 2024 email to the membership.  As noted in that email, a special assessment will likely be initiated next winter with the 2025 season membership dues, and we expect it will be assessed to newly joining members for the foreseeable future thereafter (in addition to the initiation fee currently required to obtain a new regular membership) to support the financial commitment necessary to complete the renovation.

Please contact president@kentgardens.org with any questions or if you would like to get involved in the planning process.  We welcome participation from members with a variety of perspectives and backgrounds, and are especially interested in assistance with fundraising.