Important Forms and Documents

Important Forms and Documents

  • Club By-Laws (Amended January 2021)
  • Club Rules and Regulations Handbook (Revised May 2019)
  • NVSL Standards of Conduct
    The following Standards of Conduct shall guide swimming and diving within the Northern Virginia Swimming League (NVSL). They promote respect, fairness, civility, honesty, responsibility, and appropriate behavior. These Standards foster a positive environment at all swim and dive meets; establish an atmosphere of respect for all participants, officials, and spectators; produce positive learning outcomes for all; build participant and team spirit; and enhance the sports of swimming and diving.

    All participants and spectators in KGRC swim and dive NVSL events are expected to abide by these standards of conduct along with any other relevant pool rules, guidelines, and regulations.

  • Pool Party Reservation Request Form

    All Deck Parties must be approved and scheduled by KGRC. Member Host is responsible for paying a guest fee of $5.00 for each non-member attending the party (adult or child) on the day of the party. The following guidelines apply to all approved parties:

    1. All parties are limited to a total of 25 guests (includes adults and children). Not more than one party may be held during the same time. Parties are limited in duration to three hours, including set up and clean up. The Pool Manager may grant permission for the party only if it does not conflict with other pool events. Permission to host a party is granted on a first come, first served basis. Four tables can be reserved for the party and  other members may use the remaining deck tables.
    2. The host is responsible for setting up the party area on the deck. The host is further responsible for ensuring that all attendees eat and drink only on the deck. The host will remove all materials (including but not limited to pizza boxes, paper goods, cups, balloons, etc.) at the end of the party and leave the area clean. Ask a guard for a large trash bag if you cannot fit all the trash into the receptacle.
    3. All party attendees must abide by the Club By-Laws, where applicable, and with the Club Rules and Regulations, including those concerning use of the diving board and swim area.
    4. Member Host must ensure that all children can pass KGRC’s basic swim safety test administered by the pool management staff.
  • Dog Swim Assumption of Risk Form
  • Application for Employment at Kent Gardens Recreation Club

    Click here to view the application for employment at KGRC. We are hiring for Assistant Manager, Lifeguards, and Pool Attendants.