KGRC Rules and Regulations

At KGRC, we prioritize the safety and enjoyment of all our members and guests. To ensure a safe and pleasant experience for everyone, we have a set of rules and regulations that everyone is expected to follow.

KRGC Rules and Regulations

NVSL Standard of Conduct

All participants and spectators in KGRC swim and dive NVSL events are expected to abide by these standards of conduct along with any other relevant pool rules, guidelines, and regulations.

NVSL Standards of Conduct

The following Standards of Conduct shall guide swimming and diving within the Northern Virginia Swimming League (NVSL). They promote respect, fairness, civility, honesty, responsibility, and appropriate behavior. These Standards foster a positive environment at all swim and dive meets; establish an atmosphere of respect for all participants, officials, and spectators; produce positive learning outcomes for all; build participant and team spirit; and enhance the sports of swimming and diving.

KGRC Bylaws

KGRC is a non-profit organization that functions in accordance with its Bylaws. These Bylaws can be viewed here.

Club Bylaws (Amended January 2021)