Reservation Reminders & Sign-Up Links

Reservation Reminders & Sign-Up Links

Dear KGRC Members,

We are coming up on some of the hottest days of the season this weekend and week. What a joy that the pool is open and available for a cool down! The entire Board of Directors is pleased to hear all of the positive feedback from the membership.

Reservation Reminders

Thank you for continuing to use the Sign Up Genius for making reservations. We are unable to accept walk-ins or guests this summer, and while your membership card to check in is our first line of contact tracing should we need it, the reservation system is a good back up.

There have been a few questions on the sign up procedure and pool rules, so below is a list of a few things to keep in mind.

  • Reservations should be made no more than 3 days in advance.
  • Member Families may sign up for 3 swim times per week maximum.
  • Member Families must share a single swim lane or pod. Signing up for more than one swim area at the same time is not allowed.
  • Signing up for last minute open spots is allowed after 9:00pm for the next day without counting against your 3 per week.
  • Please check into the club with your membership card and be sure to answer the check-in attendant’s health questions. Guests are not allowed and the attendant may check members’ names at registration.
  • Do not come to the pool if you feel ill or have any reason to believe you have or have been exposed to Covid-19.
  • If you wish to lounge in your “Cabana”, bring your own chair. Remember that masks must be worn when you are not in the pool.
  • Feel free to use the water bottle filler at the water fountain, just wipe it down when you are done.
  • Social distancing at the pool is 10 feet. It’s a long distance, but it’s what is required by the health departments. Please maintain 10 feet between you and anyone outside of your household in and out of the water.
  • No food or drinks other than water on the pool deck.
  • The 10 minute window between reservations is important for the club staff to disinfect and clean. Please help the staff by exiting the pool quickly.

Yes, these are specific rules, but we want to be sure that the pool is safe and the process is fair, so that all member families can enjoy time at the pool. (The full set of Phase 3 rules is on the website and at the front desk.) If the volunteer sign up administrators notice families taking advantage of the open sign up, the last extra reservations will be deleted with or without notification.


Due to Sign-Up Genius limitations, we are rolling over to a new link this coming Thursday.

  • For reservations through Wednesday, July 22, please use this LINK.
  • For reservations starting Thursday, July 23, please use this LINK.

August Memberships

KGRC will once again have August memberships. If you have a neighbor who is interested in joining the pool for the month of August, please refer them to the Membership sign up page on our website. This is a great way for your friends to see what we’re all about too!

Contacts & Questions

Don't forget that we have a feedback form on the website, and member feedback is always welcome. That said, for questions about reservations, please contact [email protected] and/or [email protected]. Questions about membership and membership cards can always be directed to [email protected].

What’s Next?

Stay tuned for more about swim lessons and our end of the season plans!

Thank you again for your patience, understanding and kindness this season to your fellow members and the KGRC staff.

See you at the pool!

Meghan Thomas
President, KGRC Board of Directors
[email protected]