School's Out, New Pool Hours & Safety Reminders

School's Out, New Pool Hours & Safety Reminders


This is what we all wait for… school’s out, summer is here, it’s pool time all the time! 

KGRC is prepared and ready for you!

This week marks the beginning of our regular summer hours at the pool:

  • Open Hours: 11:00 am - 9:00pm every day

  • Early Morning Lap Swim: Monday - Thursday, 6:30-7:30 am

    • (We are adding Tuesday and Thursday beginning 6/22)

  • The baby pool is available for families to use during swim/dive practices in the mornings.

As everyone spends more time at the pool, it’s a good time to review the KGRC Membership Rules and Regulations. This will help you and your children better understand the rules for safety around the club.

A few things to note:

  • Children should pass a basic swim test administered by the lifeguards or managers before they are allowed to use the diving board and diving well. (Test: swim the length of the pool and tread water for one minute.)

  • All dives or jumps off the diving board must be forward facing. No backward facing dives or flips are allowed. This includes reverse and inward dives. 

  • Only children 6 and under should be in the baby pool area and they must be accompanied and monitored at all times by an adult. There is no dedicated lifeguard for the baby pool.

Specifics are detailed in the handbook. Please read them and ensure your children understand the rules. The lifeguards and staff will ask those who don’t follow the rules to “sit out” for a period of time, or leave the pool area. 

Our Snack Shack is also ready for you! Updated items include pretzels, personal pizza and fresh fruit! Don’t forget that you can purchase an electronic gift card to use in lieu of cash. And if you are wanting to fix a full meal, the grills are available for members to use. Please stay close to the grills while you are using them and clean up after yourself, using the provided supplies. 

KGRC loves social activity! Remember, you can reserve part of the deck space for your own private party. Details on pricing and reservations can be found here. Also, some of our beloved parties, such as the 4th of July celebration, will resume this summer! Keep an eye on emails and social media for details on that. 

The pool is a fun place to spend summer days and we all want to ensure it’s a safe place too! Thank you for your cooperation with the rules and always following the lifeguard’s directions. Have a great time everyone!

See you at the pool!