KGRC COVID-19 Entry Requirements and Policies

KGRC COVID-19 Entry Requirements and Policies

Updated June 5, 2021

Procedures are subject to change at the discretion of the Board of Directors based upon requirements and mandates from county/state/federal authorities and KGRC’s insurer.


Starting June 1, 2021, guests will be admitted. Guest passes are required and can be purchased here.

Members may enter only through the Clubhouse. Membership cards are MANDATORY for entrance. Staff will verify the names and number of members in your party at the time of entrance, using the membership registration system.  (Please confirm that the names of your household members are updated in the registration system. For lost cards or assistance, please contact [email protected].) Members will exit the deck through the gates by the tether ball pole leading to the parking lot. 


These COVID-related restrictions must be followed while at KGRC.  Staff are authorized to instruct anyone to leave the grounds for failure to comply with these requirements or any other pool rule. Staff will report the names of non-compliant members to the Board of Directors.  Members are reminded that failure to comply with these COVID-related restrictions, or any other rule posted on KGRC grounds or in the KGRC Handbook or Bylaws, may result in suspension or revocation of membership privileges.  

Face Coverings: KGRC will no longer require masks, however Virginia's newest Executive Order #79 states “individuals in the Commonwealth aged five and older should cover their mouth and nose with a mask in accordance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidance.” (CDC Guidelines for vaccinated individuals HERE and unvaccinated individuals HERE.)

Social Distancing: As required by State and county restrictions, members not in the same household must maintain a minimum of 6 feet distance from other members at all times on the deck and 10 feet distance from members not in the same household in the pool.  

  • We appreciate your patience with Staff as they remind members of these State and county required limitations.  Please bear in mind that Staff may not, particularly early in the season, recognize members of the same household.    

Physical Cues and Signs: Physical cues and signs are being used to help members maintain a 6 foot distance from those not in their household on the pool deck, and to identify pool areas that are closed.


Seating/Storage: Members may utilize the seating available on the deck, but may not move the furniture and must remember to maintain 6 feet from non-household members while on the grounds (and 10 feet in the pool).  When furnishings are occupied or for members opting not to use furnishings, cubbies are available for storing personal items while swimming, and are located near the pool-side Clubhouse entry.  

Cleaning: Members will utilize the provided cleaning supplies to wipe down chairs and tables used during their stay prior to leaving. Staff will continue to sanitize high touch and common surfaces throughout the day.


Food/Drink/Grilling: We are returning to the standard restrictions on food and drink.  Thus, food is permitted only on the wood deck (near the Snack Shack).  The water fountain remains closed; however, a water bottle filler is available at the water fountain; please be sure to wipe the handle with provided sanitizing wipes after each usage. The grills remain closed for now; the Board will revisit opening the grills as the season progresses. 

Snack Shack: The Snack Shack will be open for the season, offering a selection of packaged foods, treat, ice cream, as well as beverages and fresh fruit. At this time, the Shack will not be preparing or serving hot food.  

Equipment/Other Activities: KGRC will not provide kickboards or other swimming equipment. Members may bring their own. Any equipment left at KGRC will be discarded.  KGRC will NOT operate a “lost and found” this year. Consistent with Virginia requirements, recreational equipment, including the ping pong tables and tetherball, are closed. (The Board will revisit this as the season progresses.)