New Date for Annual Meeting, Oct. 25, 7 p.m.

With apologies for the inconvenience, due to unforeseen circumstances we are rescheduling the Annual General Meeting from to Wednesday, October 25th at 7 p.m.

Via Google Meet (in your email inboxes)

Thank you for your patience and for submitting your proxies.  Absent other direction from a member, we will carry the previously submitted proxies over to the October 25th meeting.  Please feel free to contact with any questions regarding proxies.

Your participation in the meeting is important. If you are not able to attend the virtual meeting, please register right away to vote by proxy. We need a quorum in order to vote. Please complete the proxy form HERE.

At our October 25th meeting, active members will have the opportunity to vote on a slate of candidates for the Board of Directors, including new candidates. In addition, we will provide a report on the Club’s finances, membership, and an update on our renovation planning efforts. Members will also review and vote on the draft minutes of last year’s Annual General Meeting

The Board is excited for the offseason to prepare for the 2024 season. We are always looking for assistance and ideas with events, planning for the future and more. Please contact any Board member if you are interested in helping.

We look forward to seeing you at the AGM on October 25th at 7 p.m.

–KGRC Board of Directors