Announcer (home meets only)
Announces each diver, the dive, and the degree of difficulty (all provided on the diver meet sheet), and calls the scores shown by the judges. Sets the atmosphere and controls the tempo of the meet.  This requires minimal training. Additionally the announcer should have a good understanding of dive numbers, a quick paced delivery, and unbiased patience. Previous dive meet volunteer experience recommended.   Time required: Duration of meet.

Table Worker
A table worker is either a scorekeeper or a calculator. “A” Meets require 2 scorekeepers and 2 calculators between the teams.

  • The scorekeepers write down the judges’ scores as announced. They eliminate the lowest and highest score and total the remaining 3 scores onto the diver meet sheet. The scorekeepers then compare their scores and resolves any discrepancies before passing the diver meet sheet to the calculators.
  • The calculators multiply the total score by the degree of difficulty (as indicated on the diver meet sheet) to determine the total points awarded for the dive and keep a running overall score for the diver and compare calculations as a check to ensure for accuracy.

Working the table requires the math skills of a third grader, but you have the benefit of a calculator. Great seats, great view and a friendly atmosphere to enjoy the meet.  Easy on the job training provided.  This is a great role for those new to diving.  Time required: Half a meet.

Meet Secretary (home meets only)
Prepares a list of the competitors from both teams (based on submitted meet sheets) prior to the meet.  Reviews the scores and the points awarded for each diver to determine the winner / place order for each event as well as the points awarded to the teams. Records and tallies the scores of the meet while in progress and works with Ribbon Clerk to prepare the ribbons for all meet participants. This position requires prior experience working as a table worker.  Time required: Duration of meet

Ribbon Writer (home meets only)
Collects final age group dive sheets from the Meet Secretary. Adds final score to pre-printed ribbon labels and then attaches label to correct ribbon, then to diver sheet. This is a great role for those new to diving.  Time required: Duration of meet.

This gives you the best seat in the house! Judges watch each dive and give a corresponding score. on a scale of 0 (lowest) to 10 (highest) in gradations of ½ point according to the NVSL standards.  There are 5 judges at each meet. The high and low score are tossed out and the middle 3 are used for the final score. This is not as scary as it sounds.  Judges need to attain a basic training session; bring a friend!   It’s free and fun and we’ll keep practicing as the season progresses. As a new Judge you will start with our “B” Meets and Instrasquad meets. It’s a great way to learn the sport and support your kids. Time required: Duration of meet.

Referee (home meets only)
Ensures the meet is conducted in accordance with the rules and ensures fair and equitable competitive conditions exist at all times for all divers. Exercises full authority to carry out responsibilities. This NVSL-certified official makes decisions regarding failed dives, balks, etc. The referee can serve as a judge and must be positioned on the pool deck during meets as close as practicable to the judges. Must be familiar with the current NVSL Handbook as well as the USA Diving Rules and Regulations and attend / complete the NVSL Referee training clinic. Individuals must have volunteered as a judge for at least 1 year before being eligible to volunteer as a referee.  Time required: Duration of meet.