Leigh Anne Methlie Stephens – Co-Head Coach

Coach Leigh Anne has been a member of the Kent Gardens Dive Team since she was 6 years old and has been coaching this team (and others) since she was 13 years old.  She took over the head coaching position when she was 14 and never left.  Her favorite dive to complete on the 1-Meter was an inward 1 1/2 somersault (which is probably why most of the older kids on the team have learned the dive).

Coaching is a change of pace from her day job as a scientist, but she loves it.  She has carefully selected each member of the coaching staff to ensure that the team is a family and a safe / fun place for children to learn how to dive.

  • Favorite Dive?  402 Inward 1-1/2
  • Why does she coach?  “My passion for coaching comes from having the unique opportunity to watch divers grow on and off the boards.”

Sina Naeemi – Co-Head Coach

Coach Sina has been a member of the KGRC Dive Team for a decade now, with nine years under his belt as a coach.  Since finishing his undergrad, Coach Sina has been pursuing his Master’s degree from the college of William and Mary.  During this time he’s been able to coach at Alexandria Dive Club as well as lead Langley High Schools team to a Virginia State swim and dive title.

  • Favorite Dive?  403b Inward 1-1/2 pike
  • Why does he coach?  “The best part of being a dive coach is witnessing the incredible growth and progress of your athletes.  It’s a joy to see them conquer their fears, develop new skills, and reach their full potential, not just as divers, but as human beings as well!”

Jocelyn – Assistant Coach

Jocelyn started on the KGRC Dive Team when she was 4 years old, making this her 14th year as a diver.  She joined the club team Dominion Dive Club (DDC) in 2014 when she was 8 or 9 years old and has been a member ever since.  She has been coaching / volunteer coaching at KGRC for three years and is so excited to be entering her fourth!  Jocelyn has proudly represented McLean High School at states for three consecutive years and is excited to continue her academic and athletic career at Pitt after she graduates from high school.

  • Favorite Dive?  203b back 1-1/2 pike
  • Why does she coach?  ” My favorite thing about coaching is when a kid learns a new dive or makes a good correction and the feeling of accomplishment and pride that both the diver and the coach get to experience.”

Sean – Assistant Coach

Coach Sean has been a member of KGRC Dive for 8 years now with 3 years as a coach.  Sean goes to Arlington Tech High School but has had the opportunity to compete on the varsity swim and dive team at WAshington Liberty High School for the last 4 years!  Sean will be continuing his academic and athletic career at American University in the Fall after graduating from high school.

  • Favorite Dive? 105c Forward 2-1/2 tuck
  • Why do you coach?  “My favorite thing about coaching is watching kids get new dives and seeing their improvement over the course of the season.”

Assistant Coach

Ziya – Junior Coach

Coach Ziya has been a member of KGRC Dive for 6 years now and this will be her second year of coaching!  Ziya has also taken her diving to the next level as she trains with Dominion Dive Club.  She has also done amazing representing McLean High School’s varsity swim and dive team for the past two years.  She can’t wait for all the fun this summer dive season has to bring!

  • Favorite Dive? 5311a Reverse Dive 1/2 twist Straight
  • Why do you coach?  “I can’t even explain how excited I am.  Not only am I looking forward to helping these athletes grow in their dive abilities, but also to be there alongside these athletes as they grow their love for dive.”

Junior Coach