Early Bird Pricing for 2024 Ends Jan. 15!

Early Bird Pricing Ends Soon!!

When does the Early Renewal Period end?
Early Renewal ends Monday, January 15.

What happens after the 15th?
After January 15, the renewal rate goes to regular season pricing: $875 for a Regular Membership and $437 for a Senior Membership.

Do I have to register online?
Yes. Please go to www.kentgardens.membersplash.com to get started.

Can I pay with a check?
Once you complete the online registration, you can send a check. But the check needs to be postmarked by January 15 to qualify for the discounted rate.

What if I don’t want to renew this year but will renew next year?
Not a problem! Register for an “Inactive” membership, and pay the fee of $200 to put your membership on hold for the 2024 season. The sooner you make that decision, the sooner we can communicate with people on our waiting list who are interested in Temporary Memberships.

I want to renew my registration but I don’t know my username or password.
Email membership@kgrc.org for assistance.

What if I want to renew but I can’t do it for another few weeks.
That’s OK. You have until March 1 to guarantee your renewal. After March 1, a late fee will be applied, but your membership will be held until March 15. After that, After that, you will no longer have a membership with KGRC, and you will need to join the waitlist if you want to rejoin in the future.

My family is going to be away starting in July. Can I renew for part of the season?
Unfortunately, no. We cannot pro-rate memberships at the beginning of the season. However, if you are away at the beginning of the season and want to come back for an August Membership only, please reply to get that process started. You will register as Inactive and then, if you do take an August Membership, we’ll refund the Inactive Fee.

Any other options I should know about?
Dolphin Memberships may be an option for you if you’ve been a member for 10 years or more and find that you’re not using the pool as often as you did in the past. We’ve made a few changes to this option, so check our our website or contact membership for more details.

When can I sign up for Dive or Swim team?
Registration will open up soon! Looking forward to a great season for all Dolphins!!

I love Float Night/Movie Night/Fourth of July/Boot Camp. Can I help plan more events at the pool this summer?
Yes!! We are planning some fun events this summer and would love to have you as part of our Social Committee. Email social@kgrc.org to find out more.

I signed up for the waiting list but still haven’t heard anything. When will I hear?
Here’s how the list works: when a current member decides not to renew or to take a year off from the pool, we can offer their spot to a family on the waiting list. It can be a slow process. After the renewal period ends on March 15, all memberships that have not been renewed will be offered to families on the list.

Why is Membership Renewal so early this year?
We made the decision to open up renewal earlier this season because of the length of the waiting list. The list is the longest it has ever been, and it has become increasingly difficult to manage all of the offers and renewals in such a short timeframe. We are hoping that lengthening the renewal period will give us a better idea of how many spots we will be able to offer the waiting list before the season starts in May.

I have a question that isn’t addressed here or on the Membership page of the website.
Reply to this message and I’ll try my best to answer your question.

Kara Horgan
Membership Director