Swim Team Time Trials (All Swimmers)

Event Details

Time trials is the first event where the entire team is together.  It’s a great day for developing team spirit.  This event is when the kids realize they are part of a team.

Time trials allow each swimmer to establish their base time for the season.  It’s also an opportunity for us, volunteers, to have a “dry run” before the first meet.  Each swimmer will be afforded the opportunity to swim every stroke (free, back, breast and butterfly) they can swim legally or have a reasonable chance of swimming legally.

The meet will start with freestyle.  Starting with the 6 & unders, every swimmer will swim the freestyle.  Next everyone will do backstroke, followed by breaststroke and butterfly.  Once your swimmer has completed all their events they are free to leave.

Please have your swimmer attend if at all possible, even if they are only swimming 1 stroke.  It’s a “dry run” for the kids to learn how a swim meet works.

While swim team is a team sport, the kids are really competing against their personal best time in each stroke.  If your child beats their personal best time regardless of where they place in the race, then that swim has been a huge success.  For developing swimmers this is an important lesson.